This is the type of art which is extremely naïve but somehow found a budget to be put into display and many people are exposed to them. I suspect it has a lot to do about corruption in local governing bodies that does not have a very developed taste in art. Though very tasteless structures they should be monuments to the untalented artists to show how far they can go in life when they know the right people. To my personal experience, the highest concentration of this form art can be found in Oman but this does not take into account the orange statues in every village in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Ankara is a close second but they lost their champion recently.

Celebration of Stationary Items

I only think of transportation when I walk 

The circular center carries the stairway to heaven through the heart of the observer on a subliminal level

Is it a crown? Is it a throne? Is it an incense burner? Yeahh

Apart from the pointing of the center I can even show the time
Coffee to all directions

The “no pedestrian” sign onthe other side of the road does in fact gives more insight to the average onlooker 

I cant even
But why?

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